3 illusionary artworks by Bauke Knottnerus

3 illusionary artworks by Bauke KnottnerusPhat Knits

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Bauke Knottnerus is a designer from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Here are three of his designs.

The scale of the threads in his Phat Knits make humans look puny.

3 illusionary artworks by Bauke KnottnerusA very red room (Erika 3130)(Click to enlarge) 

What would you seem to look like inside his room where everything is red?

3 illusionary artworks by Bauke KnottnerusAn optical illusion curtain(Click to enlarge) 
Many designers have posted his curtain design online as a creative way to make a room look bigger. I like the illusion that the transparent curtain might be somehow hanging in front of another room. This is a more artistic version of hanging a curtain in front of a windowless wall to create the impression that there’s a window behind it.

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