The sound illusions of Walt Disney theme parks

The sound illusions of Walt Disney theme parks
Disney wants to give you sound, but nobody likes 
to see speakers, so that window above you
is a speaker in disguise.

Here’s an 11-minute video from the SoundWorks Collection that shows the Walt Disney Imagineers at work creating deceptive sound illusions for their theme parks.

They explain that mixing sound into an attraction is different than mixing sound for a movie – in a movie, your audience is static and your image is moving, but in a theme park attraction, your audience is moving and your sound must fool them as they move.

The video includes: how to hide speakers in theme parks, Jimmy McDonald – a legendary sound man, creating fire from bamboo sticks, how a brake drum becomes Peter Pan’s clarion bells, the marching ants machine, squeaky doors, croak cans for frogs, mosquitoes made from dental dam and surgical tubing, shammy cloth birds and more.

Soundworks Collection: Walt Disney Imagineers

Soundworks Collection: Walt Disney Imagineers from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.
(NOTE – If the video’s running slow, click on HD to turn off High Definition.)

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