Put someone you don’t love on a urinal cake

Put someone you don't love on a urinal cakeYou can buy them custom made.

(This one is Mr. Bernie Madoff)
In Bonita Springs, Florida, a local fire commissioner candidate had his face appear in the restrooms of local bars and restaurants – printed on urinal cakes. One restaurant manager said: "As fast as we find them, we take them out… They’re being replaced in a matter of hours." A resident said: "It’s nasty… But they’ll remember his face." Mr. McCourt lost to incumbent candidate Frank Liles Jr. I don’t know if the cakes influenced the election.

Want your own? Toilet tricksters can try these two sources (although technically the faces are on the screens, not the cakes themselves.)

– Pee On: Customizable urinal cake kit, Prankplace>>
– Urinal screens at PeePeeFace>>

-Urinal Cakes Feature Politician’s Face, WISN.com>>

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