Police looking for a hoax caller using a prepaid cell phone

Police looking for a hoax caller using a prepaid cell phoneThe above mobile phone concept never made it beyond the photoshopping stage.

Police in New Bern, North Carolina are trying to find the hoax caller who said there had been a shooting in the woods near the local high school. New Bern High School had to go into lockdown, and a highway patrol helicopter, police dog units and a dozen officers wasted their time responding.

The phone had been used in an earlier call pretending there was a shooting at a Burger King.

Since the phone number came from a prepaid cell phone, police have released the number and asked for help in finding the caller.

The phone number of the TracPhone is 252-626-7979.

– Update: Police release phone number of hoax call, Sun Journal>>
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Are there really cell phones disguised as guns? Yes.
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