How to make money with a dirty little con

How to make money with a dirty little conYou want them to think that Manuel from Fawlty Towers was your waiter.

  1. First, get a rented post office box. Pay with cash.
  2. Next, snag a reciept from a legitimate dry cleaning business. Photocopy the reciept. Write down some items of clothing that might have needed to get dry-cleaned if there was a coffee spill.
  3. Write a letter saying that a waiter spilled coffee on your clothing and you want to be reimbursed. Include an itemized list of clothing from your receipt.
  4. Make many copies of your letter.
  5. Get a huge list of restaurant names and addresses.
  6. Mail your letter to those restaurants.
  7. Some will believe you and send you a check.
  8. Rejoice! You’re a con man or woman.
  9. (Just remember, you’ve now committed a federal crime.)

Dry-cleaning scam targets restaurants, New York Post>>

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