What he does when he catches his wife cheating

What he does when he catches his wife cheating
The song "The Cold Hard Facts of Life"
explains what happens next.

"And here’s one that I recorded here a while back that tells quite a story. I hope you’ll enjoy it…"

The out-of-town husband wants to surprise his wife, so he stops at a little winestore, meets another man and gets to know adultery, a knife, and the cold hard facts of life.

The Cold Hard Facts Of Life
written by Bill Anderson
performed by Porter Wagoner, 1966

I got back in town a day before I’d planned to
I smiled and said I’ll sure surprise my wife
I don’t think I’ll phone I’ll just head on home
For I didn’t know the cold hard facts of life
I passed a little winestore on the corner I pictured big champagne by candle light
I stopped the car right then got out and hurried in
My mind not on the cold hard facts of life
A stranger stood there laughing by the counter
He said I’ll take two bottles of your best
Her husband’s out of town and there’s a party
He winkled as if to say you know the rest
I left the store two steps behind the stranger
From there to my house his car stayed in sight
But it wasn’t till he turned into my drive that I learned
I was witnessing the cold hard facts of life
I drove around the block till I was dizzy each time the noise came louder from within
And then I saw our bottle there beside me
And I drank a fifth of courage and walked in
Lord you should’ve seen their frantic faces
They screamed and cried please put away that knife
I guess I’ll go to hell or I’ll rot here in the cell
But who taught who the cold hard facts of life
Who taught who the cold hard facts of life

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