The hoax of obscure filmmaker J. X. Williams

The hoax of obscure filmmaker J. X. Williams
A vision of the devil from the film Satan Claus


X Williams is an "experimental filmmaker" connected to presenter Noel Lawrence in the same way that Tony Clifton is an "obnoxious performer" connected to humorist Andy Kaufmann, or Stephen Colbert is a "conservative pundit" connected to satirist and performer Stephen Colbert.

From a New York Times article:

"According to Mr. Lawrence’s spiel, Williams’s resume reads as a RKO mail-room flunky, closet Communist, abortive House Un-American Activities Committee witness, Mafia gofer, pioneer of mobbed-up stag loops, ghostwriter of some of the blacklist era’s greatest films and incidental avatar of experimental cinema. Williams, as the story goes, has spent the last quarter-century in Zurich in self-imposed exile, leaving Mr. Lawrence to serve as a Robert Maheu figure to his shadowy late-stage Howard Hughes."

Said a viewer:

"In this day and age, when even the once most subversive artists are selling their signature as auteur to turn a larger profit within the market economy, I find it oh so refreshing that a hoax may (yes, may) have been played on us."

I thought it was appropriate to include the Satan Claus film, since Satan has historically been known as a liar.

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