X-Ray Glasses let you see through anything!!!

X-Ray Glasses let you see through anything!!!The amazing X-Ray Specs! 
Of course it’s a lie.

They only give you the illusion you could see through anything. But did other people know that? And maybe, just maybe, they did work…

Most advertising still works on the same principles: give the people what they want ("You can see under someone’s clothes!" ), make it respectable enough to others ("But mom, it’s scientific! I can look at the bones in my hand!"), keep the price low enough ("See, it’s only a dollar."), make you wait a bit and anticipate what you’ll do when you get them ("I can’t wait to bring these to school!"), and make you the envy of all ("Let me try them." "You’ll have to wait, just wait until I’m done.")

How did they work? Did they work? Really, you think that’s important? We’re selling illusion here. (See here if you must spoil it for yourself.)

More versions (click to enlarge and read the fine copy):

X-Ray Glasses let you see through anything!!!Amazing Illusory X-Ray Vision Instantly!A Hilarious, Laughingly Funny Illusion!Surprise your friends with Amazing Illusory X-RAY sight!

X-Ray Glasses let you see through anything!!!XRAY SPECS – An Hilarious Optical Illusion

X-Ray Glasses let you see through anything!!!Loads of laughs and fun at parties

X-Ray Glasses let you see through anything!!!Ever seen the Bones in your hand?

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