Fans bitch and critics moan, but everybody watches the game

Fans bitch and critics moan, but everybody watches the gameBefore and after, with Mr. Barry Bonds
Great article on cheating in sports, focusing on steroid-taker Barry Bonds.

"Judging from the headlines of the day, someone in the sports world is cheating as you read this…

The story isn’t so much that sports figures cheat – they have, they do, and, given the big bucks involved, they will continue to – but rather that fans are flocking to the ballpark, arena or superspeedway in record numbers anyway…

Question is, why? Given the media scrutiny, sports fans know all about the cheating. Yet they continue to show up and pay dearly for the privilege. Case in point: Barry Bonds, the poster boy for Major League Baseball’s steroids era."

Game of deception at The Denver Post>>

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