The $40 slice of pizza you can never eat

The $40 slice of pizza you can never eatIt goes with the $15 Starbucks iced coffee you can never drink.

The $40 slice of pizza you can never eatYou can’t eat them because these foods are fake.

They’re made of polyvinyl chloride, and used as props for movies, TV and print ads, to display replicas at restaurants and grocery stores, or for employee training. They never melt, spoil or stink, and no hungry crew member (or dog) will eat them.

What’s the biggest seller for many faux food companies? Kale. Fake kale is used to garnish salad bars and food displays, since real kale is expensive and only lasts a few days.

The $40 slice of pizza you can never eat
 Kale, a type of cabbage
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