Which of these babies is real? Which baby is reborn?

Which of these babies is real? Which baby is reborn?Which of these babies is real? Which baby is reborn?(Click for larger images) Reborns are dolls that look just like real babies.

From doll-maker Kimberley Becker at Realistic Reborn Dolls:

"My own grandmother cherished her fake baby that I had made for her. She slept with it and literally took care of it until she passed away. She was so attached that there had been some discussion as to whether she should be buried with her. She like to pretend it was real. She liked to fool people who came to visit in the nursing home. She enjoyed showing off her reborn baby to the nurses and the other residents. Many residents at the home she was in expressed a desire to have fake babies of their own."

See an intro clip from UK’s Channel 4 documentary My Fake Baby>>

Which baby is the real baby in the above photos? Both babies are from Kimberly Becker’s site.

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